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Festivals in 2024

Mon 01 Jan 2024Circumcission
Mon 01 Jan 2024New Years Day
Mon 01 Jan 2024New Years Day Public Holiday
Fri 05 Jan 2024Twelfth Night
Sat 06 Jan 2024Epiphany
Thu 18 Jan 2024Laba Festival (China)
Thu 25 Jan 2024Conversion of Paul
Thu 25 Jan 2024Burns Night
Thu 25 Jan 2024Saint Dwynwens Day
Thu 01 Feb 2024Candlemas
Fri 02 Feb 2024Groundhog Day
Sun 11 Feb 2024Quinquagesima
Tue 13 Feb 2024Shrove Tuesday(Pancake Day)
Wed 14 Feb 2024Ash Wednesday
Wed 14 Feb 2024Saint Valentines Day
Fri 01 Mar 2024Saint Davids Day
Sun 10 Mar 2024Mothers Day
Tue 12 Mar 2024Arbour Day (China)
Tue 12 Mar 2024Commonwealth Day
Sun 17 Mar 2024Passion Sunday
Sun 17 Mar 2024Saint Patricks Day
Tue 19 Mar 2024Joseph of Nazereth
Sun 24 Mar 2024Palm Sunday
Mon 25 Mar 2024Annunciation
Thu 28 Mar 2024Maunday Thursday
Fri 29 Mar 2024Good Friday Public Holiday
Sat 30 Mar 2024Holy Saturday
Sun 31 Mar 2024Easter Sunday
Sun 31 Mar 2024Summertime begins(clocks forward)
Mon 01 Apr 2024April Fools Day
Mon 01 Apr 2024Easter Monday Public Holiday
Sun 07 Apr 2024Quasimodo
Mon 22 Apr 2024Earth Day
Tue 23 Apr 2024Passover
Tue 23 Apr 2024Saint Georges Day
Sat 27 Apr 2024Admin Assistants Day
Sun 05 May 2024Orthodox Easter
Sun 05 May 2024Rogation Sunday
Mon 06 May 2024May Day Public Holiday
Thu 09 May 2024Ascention
Sat 18 May 2024Armed Forces Day
Sun 19 May 2024Pentecost
Sun 19 May 2024Whit Sunday(Whitsun)
Sun 26 May 2024Trinity Sunday
Mon 27 May 2024Memorial Day
Mon 27 May 2024Spring Public Holiday
Thu 30 May 2024Corpus Christi
Fri 07 Jun 2024Digital Day
Fri 14 Jun 2024Trooping the Colour
Sun 16 Jun 2024Fathers Day
Mon 24 Jun 2024Nativity of John the Baptist
Mon 15 Jul 2024Saint Swithins Day
Mon 26 Aug 2024Summer Public Holiday
Mon 02 Sep 2024Labour Day
Sun 08 Sep 2024Birth of the Virgin Mary
Sat 14 Sep 2024Holy Cross
Sun 29 Sep 2024Mass of the Archangels
Sun 29 Sep 2024Michaelmas
Thu 03 Oct 2024Rosh Hashanah
Sat 12 Oct 2024Yom Kippur
Mon 14 Oct 2024Columbus Day
Sun 27 Oct 2024Wintertime begins (clocks go back)
Thu 31 Oct 2024All Hallows Eve(Halloween)
Fri 01 Nov 2024All Saints Day
Sat 02 Nov 2024All Souls Day
Tue 05 Nov 2024Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)
Sun 10 Nov 2024Remembrance Sunday
Mon 11 Nov 2024Remembrance Day
Sat 30 Nov 2024Saint Andrews Day
Sun 01 Dec 2024Advent Begins
Sun 08 Dec 2024Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Tue 24 Dec 2024Christmas Eve
Wed 25 Dec 2024Christmas Day
Wed 25 Dec 2024Christmas Day Public Holiday
Thu 26 Dec 2024Boxing Day
Thu 26 Dec 2024Christmas Day Public Holiday
Sat 28 Dec 2024Childermas
Tue 31 Dec 2024New Years Eve

Festivals in 2025

Wed 01 Jan 2025Circumcission
Wed 01 Jan 2025New Years Day
Wed 01 Jan 2025New Years Day Public Holiday
Sun 05 Jan 2025Twelfth Night
Mon 06 Jan 2025Epiphany
Tue 07 Jan 2025Laba Festival (China)
Sat 25 Jan 2025Conversion of Paul
Sat 25 Jan 2025Burns Night
Sat 25 Jan 2025Saint Dwynwens Day
Sat 01 Feb 2025Candlemas
Sun 02 Feb 2025Groundhog Day
Fri 14 Feb 2025Saint Valentines Day
Sat 01 Mar 2025Saint Davids Day
Sun 02 Mar 2025Quinquagesima
Tue 04 Mar 2025Shrove Tuesday(Pancake Day)
Wed 05 Mar 2025Ash Wednesday
Wed 12 Mar 2025Arbour Day (China)
Wed 12 Mar 2025Commonwealth Day
Mon 17 Mar 2025Saint Patricks Day
Wed 19 Mar 2025Joseph of Nazereth
Tue 25 Mar 2025Annunciation
Sun 30 Mar 2025Mothers Day
Sun 30 Mar 2025Summertime begins(clocks forward)
Tue 01 Apr 2025April Fools Day
Sun 06 Apr 2025Passion Sunday
Sun 13 Apr 2025Palm Sunday
Sun 13 Apr 2025Passover
Thu 17 Apr 2025Maunday Thursday
Fri 18 Apr 2025Good Friday Public Holiday
Sat 19 Apr 2025Holy Saturday
Sun 20 Apr 2025Easter Sunday
Sun 20 Apr 2025Orthodox Easter
Mon 21 Apr 2025Easter Monday Public Holiday
Tue 22 Apr 2025Earth Day
Wed 23 Apr 2025Saint Georges Day
Sat 26 Apr 2025Admin Assistants Day
Sun 27 Apr 2025Quasimodo
Mon 05 May 2025May Day Public Holiday
Sat 17 May 2025Armed Forces Day
Sun 25 May 2025Rogation Sunday
Mon 26 May 2025Memorial Day
Mon 26 May 2025Spring Public Holiday
Thu 29 May 2025Ascention
Sat 07 Jun 2025Digital Day
Sun 08 Jun 2025Pentecost
Sun 08 Jun 2025Whit Sunday(Whitsun)
Sat 14 Jun 2025Trooping the Colour
Sun 15 Jun 2025Fathers Day
Sun 15 Jun 2025Trinity Sunday
Thu 19 Jun 2025Corpus Christi
Tue 24 Jun 2025Nativity of John the Baptist
Tue 15 Jul 2025Saint Swithins Day
Mon 25 Aug 2025Summer Public Holiday
Mon 01 Sep 2025Labour Day
Mon 08 Sep 2025Birth of the Virgin Mary
Sun 14 Sep 2025Holy Cross
Tue 23 Sep 2025Rosh Hashanah
Mon 29 Sep 2025Mass of the Archangels
Mon 29 Sep 2025Michaelmas
Thu 02 Oct 2025Yom Kippur
Mon 13 Oct 2025Columbus Day
Sun 26 Oct 2025Wintertime begins (clocks go back)
Fri 31 Oct 2025All Hallows Eve(Halloween)
Sat 01 Nov 2025All Saints Day
Sun 02 Nov 2025All Souls Day
Wed 05 Nov 2025Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)
Sun 09 Nov 2025Remembrance Sunday
Tue 11 Nov 2025Remembrance Day
Sun 30 Nov 2025Advent Begins
Sun 30 Nov 2025Saint Andrews Day
Mon 08 Dec 2025Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Wed 24 Dec 2025Christmas Eve
Thu 25 Dec 2025Christmas Day
Thu 25 Dec 2025Christmas Day Public Holiday
Fri 26 Dec 2025Boxing Day
Fri 26 Dec 2025Christmas Day Public Holiday
Sun 28 Dec 2025Childermas
Wed 31 Dec 2025New Years Eve