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First Aid Crib Sheet - Mnemonics
The content of First Aid Courses keep changing, please don't tell me if some mnemonic has been updated without a good reason. However, if there is a "genuine" reason for the change (e.g. Awareness of Agaonal Breathing in CPR,) I would welcome an email.
Someof these Mnemonics are intended for medical experts and not relevant unless you are trained and some duplicate others.
ABBBBBAssess Breathing Bleeding Breaks Burns Body_temp 
ACTAccess Communicate Treat 
ASH ICEAge Sex History Injuries Conciousness(level_of/any_changes) Everything_elseWhat to tell medics
AVPUAlert Voice(responds_to) Pain(can_it_be_felt) UnresponsiveLevels of conciousness
CASMEETCallsign Age Sex History Injuries/Illness Condition ETA
CHALETSCasualties(number_and_condition) Hazards Access(how_to_get_to_scene) Location Emergency_Services(what_is_needed) Type(of_incident) Safety(any_dangers) 
CHATChief_complaint History Allergies Treatment 
DOTSDeformity Open_wound Tenderness SwellingHead to toe survey
Drs ABCDanger(check_for) Response(check_for) Airway Breathing Circulation Disability Examination Further_treatmet Go_to_hospitalAmbulance treatment
Dr ABCDEFGDanger(check_for) Response(check_for) Shout(call_ambulance) Airway Breathing CirculationWhat to do if you find an unconcious casualty
FISH SHAPEDFainting Infantile_Convulsions Shock Head_injury Stroke Heart_attack Asphyxia(breathing_problem) Poisons Epilepsy DiabetiesCauses of Unconciousness
HEADHead Examination Action Documentation 
LIP DUSTLoss(of_movement) Irregularity Pain Deformity Unnatural(position/movement) Swelling TendernessWarnings to suspect a broken bone
Look Listen FeelLook(for_chest_movement) Listen(at_mouth) Feel(can_you_feal_breath)Is casualty breathing
See note on Agonal Breathing
PEARLPupils Equal_and Reactive_to Light 
PEEPPosition Exposure Elevate(the_bleeding_limb) PressureDealing with bleeding
PLASTICPain Loss(of_movement) Angle(bones_displaced) Swelling Tenderness Irregularity CrepitisWarnings to suspect a broken bone
PQRSTUProvoke Quality(Ache/sharp/pulsing) Radiating Severity(does_this_change?) Timing Usual(Does_casualty_think_this_is_normal)Recording casualties perception of pain
REEDRest Expose Elevate Direct(pressure)Severe Bleeding
RICERest Ice Compression ElevationSprains and Strains
SAMPLESigns(and_Symptoms) Allergies Medication Previous(Medical_History) Last(When_casualty_last_ate/drank) Event(history) 
SCALDSize Cause Age Location Depth 
Agonal Breathing - It is possible for an unconcious casualty to make noises similar to gasping without breathing. Not breathing will cause death, with CPR they have a chance! (There is an internet video clip in circulation showing successful CPR on an Agonal patient)
CPR - Adult who has drowned = 5 rescue breaths then repeat (30 chest compressions + 2 rescue breaths) until help arrives
CPR - Adult who did not drown = repeat (30 chest compressions + 2 rescue breaths) until help arrives
CPR - Child = 5 rescue breaths then repeat (30 chest compressions + 2 rescue breaths) until help arrives
CPR - Death due to Chemical Poisoning - Consider your own safety, if chemicals killed the casualty, they may also kill you!
These notes are not intended as First Aid advice - they are purely some mnemonics that could be both outdated and wrong - if you want to know more consider a course or first-aid sites provided by medical experts. is part of the group