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1100 Approximate date for Locking Castle "Motte and Bailey" defences
1129 Approximate date for original parts of Church of St. Martin in Worle
1568 Calamine (Zinc Ore) discovered on Worle Hill
1620 Lamb Inn opened in Worle.
1791 Reverend William Leeves builds the Thatched Cottage
1802 Worle Quarry starts operations
1807 Work starts on the Royal Hotel (First hotel in Weston)
1810 Royal Hotel completed
1828 Knightstone Island acquireed by Dr Fox
1832 Dr, Fox opens a Bathing establishment on Knightstone Island
1840 Victoia Buildings (hotels opposite Knightstone Causeway) built. Originally they were terraced houses.
1841 Arrival of Railway
1841 Constriction of the original gas works. Building now used by Weston Museum.
1866 Weston's first hospital opened in Alfred Street
1867 Birnbeck Pier Opened
1868 The Sanatorium (hospital) opened (later converted into the Royal Sands apartments)
1882 First lifeboat stationed on Birnbeck Island
1887 Seafront promenade completed
1889 Lifeboat house built on Birnbeck Pier and used until 1903
1897 Most of Birnbeck Island destroyed in fire
1903 New lifeboat station on Birnbeck Island houses a larger boat
1904 The first Grand Pier opened
1905 Isolation hospital opened on Drove Road
1911 Benford Hucks becomes first person to fly over the Bristol Channel, making a return journey from Weston to Cardiff
1916 Grand Pier shortened to present length
1926 Light Amusements appear on the Grand Pier
1927 WIntergardens Opened
1928 Openning of Queen Alexandra Hospital (on The Boulevard)
1929 Marine Lake created to provide a safe bathing area
1930 First Grand Pier destroyed in a fire
1933 Grand Pavilion reopens after being rebuilt following the fire
1933 Motorised lifeboat based on Birnbeck Pier
1933 Opening of Weston Milton Station
1933 Second Grand Pier opened on site of the first Grand Pier
1934 Founding of Weston Bay Yacht Club
1935 Construction of the Floral Clock
1935 Opening of the Odeon Cinema
1936 Bypass road built to ease traffic problems in Locking Village (This is now part of the A371)
1936 Opening of Hutton Moor passenger airport
1937 Opening of the open air Swimming pool (renamed Tropicana in 1983)
1937 Tram service closes
1939 Openning of RAF Locking airport
1939 Weston gets first Professional Fire Fighter (previously it relied on Volunteers)
1940 First bombing of Weston during World War II
1940 Weston to Portishead railway closes
1941 Birnbeck Island requisitioned by the Admiralty
1946 Opeining of the Playhouse Theatre
1947 Pontins open holiday camp at Sand Bay
1948 Old Sanatorium converted for use by NHS as the Royal Hospital
1954 National Trust acquire Brean Down
1961 Locking airport taken over by Westland Helicopters
1966 Additional inshore lifeboat starts service form Birnbeck lifeboat house
1968 National Trust acquire Woodspring Priory
1969 Weston carnival resumes (after closing for World War II)
1970 M5 Motorway construction reaches St. Georges
1974 Grand Pier Listed by Department of Environment as Historic Monument
1974 Opening of the Helicopter Museum
1974 Weston becomes part of the new county of Avon
1979 Opening of the West Mendip Way
1981 Uphill and parts of Weston-Super-Mare devastated by great flood
1982 Diving Boards removed from the open air pool as part of revamp into Tropicana
1982 First Weston-super-Mare Beach Race
1983 Completion of the new Uphill Flood Defences
1983 The swimming pool complex is renamed Tropicana
1986 The current Weston General Hospital opened in Uphill
1987 Closure of Westland Helicopters
1989 Helicopter Museum opened at Locking Airfield
1990 Birnbeck pier and island severely damaged by storm
1991 Lifeboat slipway demolished by storm, both lifeboats made temporary move to the River Axe
1992 Birmbeck Pier closes as unsafe but remains open to RNLI
1992 Lifeboat slipway repairs completed and both boats return to Birnbeck Island
1994 Birnbeck Pier closes by order of the Local Authority, It had deteriorated and was unsafe.
1995 Locking Castle Church opens in a porta-cabin
1995 SeaQuarium opened
1996 Weston becomes part of North Somerset
1999 Pontins leave Sand Bay and site becomes Sand Bay Holiday Village
2000 Closure of RAF Locking
2000 Tropicana pool closed
2001 Jills garden opens in Grove Park
2003 Closure of Westland Helicopters base in Locking Airport
2006 Silica (spire shaped monument) installed
2008 Second Grand Pier destroyed in a fire
2010 Third Grand Pier opens on site of previous Grand Piers.
2015 Derelect Tropicana building hosts a "Dismaland" exhibition for artist Banksy
2015 Opening of the extension to Weston Bay Yacht Club
2015 Part of Birnbeck Pier collapses into the sea
2015 RNLI leaves Birnbeck Pier. A temporary move to Anchor Head.
2015 RNLI using temporary boathouse at Anchor Head
2016 Uphill Manor severly damaged in fire
2016 Parts of Weston-super-Mare flooded adring 36 hours of heavy rain
2018 Major fire breaks out at Oakwood Business Park in Oldmixon
2020 Weston General Hospital stops new admissions. 40% of staff isolating due to Covid Pandemic
2022 Nine hole golf course opened on the Grand Pier
2022 Sea Monster sculpture visits Weston Beach
2023 Old Town Quarry closes after safety concerns