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Local History
1080Approx. date of earliest parts of Uphill Church
1086Doomsday Book documents Uphill as having 80 inhabitants
1129Consecration of Uphill Church
1210Approximate date for founding of Woodspring Priory
1348First known written record of the name Weston-super-Mare
1791Thatched Cottage was built
1805Building of the School House in Uphill
1812Westons first hotel (The Royal) opens
1822First guide book for Weston-super-Mare published
1822Knightstone Baths Open
1825First pleasure steamer to arrive in Weston docks at Knightstone
1826Planting of trees starts in Weston Woods
1828West wall of Uphill Church painted white to help ships navigate
1833Uphill village officially became part of Weston-super-Mare
1841Gas arrives in Weston
1841Westons first Railway Station opens
1843First edition of the Weston Mercury (originally called The Westonian)
1843Weston gets its first sewers
1844New Uphill Church (in the village) consecrated
1846Westons first Voluntary Fire Brigade Formed
1848Kewstoke Toll Road Opened
1853Opening of the towns first Water Works
1857Dispensary built in Alfred Street
1866Opening of Westons second railway station
1867Attempt to build international harbour at Brean Down
1867Opening of Birnbeck Pier
1868Sanatorium opened at the end of the Promenade
1882Weston gets a Lifeboat Station
1885Towns only Fire Service closed when Volunteers Disbanded
1886Construction of the see front completed
1886Volunteer Fire Brigade reformed with new HQ behind original Town Hall
1898Birnbeck Pier devastated in major fire
1900Soldier blows up Brean Down Fort by firing gun into the Armoury
1901Fire Station in Oxford Street Completed
1901Weston gets mains electricity
1902Electric Trams arrive in Weston
1903Construction starts on the Grand Pier
1904First section of Grand Pier Opened
1906Grand Pier extended to allow ships to land passengers
1916Grand Pier shortened to present length
1926Light Amusements appear on the Grand Pier
1927Winter Gardens Open
1930Grand Pier Pavilion destroyed in great fire
1933Grand Pavilion reopens after being rebuilt following the fire
1935Construction of the Floral Clock
1935Opening of the Odeon Cinema
1936Opening of Hutton Moor Airfield
1937Tram service closes
1939Weston gets first Professional Fire Fighter (previously it relied on Volunteers)
1948Old Sanatorium converted for use by NHS as the Royal Hospital
1954National Trust acquire Brean Down
1970M5 Motorway construction reaches St. Georges
1974Grand Pier Listed by Department of Environment as Historic Monument
1974Opening of the Helicopter Museum
1979Opening of the West Mendip Way
1981Uphill Divested by great flood
1983Completion of the new Uphill Flood Defences
1985Current hospital at Uphill built to replace the Royal Hospital
2000Closure of RAF Locking
2008Grand Pier Completely destroyed in a fire
2010The new Grand Pier opens after rising from the ashes of the old pier
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