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Some pages may contain inaccuracies
Event lists etc. will be unreliable during Covid
Weston-super-Mare Events List
This page is closed - Many proposed event details are considered unreliable due to ongoing Covid complications. 
Note - Changes and cancellations expected due to Covid. This list is incomplete and may include mistakes. Please check with venue before incurring any expense or inconvenience.

Thu 6 May 2021 - Sun 9 May 2021
Circus Zyair (Weston-super-Mare)
Beach Lawns

Wed 16 Jun 2021
Race for Life (Weston-super-Mare)
3k Charity run in aid of Cancer Research - Beach Lawns

Sat 26 Jun 2021
Air Festival and Armed Forces Day (Weston-super-Mare)

Fri 30 Jul 2021 - Sun 1 Aug 2021
Pride 2021 (Weston-super-Mare)
Beach Lawns and Promenade

Fri 1 Oct 2021 - Sun 3 Oct 2021
Beach Race (Weston-super-Mare)

Fri 12 Nov 2021
Weston-super-Mare Carnival (Weston-super-Mare)