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The map shows the 31 Shipping Forecast Areas around the UK. There names are listed below. Can you match the names to their location on the map? Answers
1=Viking   2=North Utsire   3=South Utsire   4=Forties   5=Cromarty   6=Forth   7=Tyne   8=Dogger   9=Fisher   10=German Bight   11=Humber   12=Thames   13=Dover   14=Wight   15=Portland   16=Plymouth   17=Biscay   18=Trafalgar   19=Fitzroy   20=Sole   21=Lundy   22=Fastnet   23=Irish Sea   24=Shannon   25=Rockall   26=Malin   27=Hebrides   28=Bailey   29=Fair Isle   30=Faeroes   31=S.E. Iceland