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Number Words
  • When finished, a number-word looks just like a crossword with every word (across and down) being in the English dictionary.
  • Instead of clues, every letter is given a number (1 to 26), every letter A-Z and every number 1-26 is used in the numberword.
  • All you have to do is match the letters to the numbers but that may not be as easy as it sounds.
Here is an example
Example grid
The numbers and letters match up like this
Example key
Therefore the solution is
Example Solved
Number-Word 1
Number-word 1 grid
Clues - 1=Q, 21=N, 22=O, 25=X
Number-Word 2
Number-word 2 grid
Clues - 1=Q, 21=V, 22=Z, 25=K
Number-Word 3
Number-word 3 grid
Clues - 1=B, 21=Y, 22=Z, 25=S
1. Number-word 1 answer
2. Number-word 2 answer
3. Number-word 3 answer

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