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Clues Across
1..Feline Animal 3..Large 5..Heavy weight 7..Female Pig 9..Frozen Water 10..Belongs to us 11..In debt 12..Part of a foot 14..Small child 16..Type of tree 18..Married 20..Writers Tool 22..Time period 24..Not Many 26..Bought recently 28..Hotel pub 29..Type of grass 30..Beer 31..Peak 33..Full stop 35..Part of week 37..Decimal number 39..Damp 41..Water barrier 43..Trouser turn-up 45..Enemy 47..One card 48..Time of life 49..Atmospheric gas 50..Waiter's bonus 52..Negative 52..Angler's tool 53..Though
Clues Down
1..Baby's bed 2..Making a knot 3..Gambler's stake 4..Acquired 5..Attempt 6..This instant 7..Stitch 8..Pile of paper 13..Singular number 15..Rower's tool 17..Female sheep 19..Preceeding night 20..Domestic animal 21..Small bite 22..Finish 23..Painter's product 24..Supplied with food 25..Route 26..Fisherman's tool 27..Achieved victory 32..Refinable mineral 34..Mystical glow 36..Esteem 38..Self opinion 39..Humour 40..Valve 41..Outdoor retreat 42..Small carpet 43..Female him 44..Insane 45..Cook in oil 46..Consume food

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