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Post Boxes in North Somerset
LocationType (Look for)Approx GPSMap
Abbots LeighPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.46017N 2.660379Wmap
AldwickPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.345633N 2.728468Wmap
Alexandra ParadePillar Box (A Type)51.34782N 2.977537Wmap
All Saints LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.441978N 2.841468Wmap
Aller Parade Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.323301N 2.955256Wmap
Aller Parade Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.323419N 2.955172Wmap
Anson RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.342465N 2.911259Wmap
Arch GrovePillar Box (B Type)51.428301N 2.668246Wmap
Arnolds WayPillar Box (Bantam Box N Type)51.394486N 2.834268Wmap
Ashbury DrivePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.35871N 2.951355Wmap
Ashcombe Park Old Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.351474N 2.95547Wmap
Ashcombe RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.346988N 2.966276Wmap
Atlantic Road SouthPillar Box (B Type)51.354519N 2.988409Wmap
Avon WayPillar Box (B Type)51.484373N 2.775679Wmap
Axbridge RoadPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.305559N 2.826351Wmap
Backwell CommonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.424463N 2.739852Wmap
Backwell Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.413591N 2.739877Wmap
Backwell Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.413312N 2.741339Wmap
Balmoral WayPillar Box (Lamp Box Wall)51.36007N 2.943311Wmap
Banwell Post OfficePillar Box (M Type)51.328175N 2.865142Wmap
Banwell Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.32822N 2.865143Wmap
Barrow CourtPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.411302N 2.696642Wmap
Barrow Gurney Post OfficePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.408877N 2.677668Wmap
Barrow HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.398382N 2.677814Wmap
Barrow Old HospitalPillar Box (B Type)51.418491N 2.666521Wmap
BartonPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.306678N 2.86927Wmap
Beach RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.336623N 2.98195Wmap
Beckett RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.365419N 2.915235Wmap
Bellevue RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.442184N 2.856408Wmap
BelmontPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.312991N 2.827174Wmap
Belmont HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.436758N 2.693851Wmap
Bishop RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.386571N 2.786336Wmap
BlackfriarsPillar Box (B Type)51.427733N 2.776414Wmap
Blagdon Post OfficePillar Box (M Type)51.328378N 2.717988Wmap
Blagdon Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.328442N 2.717931Wmap
Blakmore RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.466868N 2.671749Wmap
Bleadon HillPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.315492N 2.955696Wmap
Bleadon PoPillar Box (Penfold)51.30976N 2.956179Wmap
Bleadon Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.309686N 2.956407Wmap
Boulevard Business BoxBusiness Box (Business Box)51.350101N 2.976911Wmap
Bournville Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.332593N 2.964852Wmap
Bournville SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.332413N 2.964834Wmap
BourtonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.377849N 2.889245Wmap
Bourton RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.421175N 2.71178Wmap
Brampton WayPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.479061N 2.760151Wmap
Brean Down AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.330285N 2.974292Wmap
BrinseaPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.351294N 2.800781Wmap
Bristol RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.476287N 2.763647Wmap
Bristol Road, Bs40 5JpPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.33585N 2.79204Wmap
Broad StreetPillar Box (A Type)51.370647N 2.809811Wmap
Brockley CoombePillar Box (Penfold)51.397979N 2.759664Wmap
Brockley EstatePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.406261N 2.749967Wmap
Brompton RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.322901N 2.960214Wmap
Brookfield WalkPillar Box (B Type)51.43598N 2.84022Wmap
Bruton AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.480166N 2.791507Wmap
BucklandsPillar Box (B Type)51.424946N 2.751597Wmap
Burrington CombePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.328584N 2.75247Wmap
Burrington Combe LodgePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.330991N 2.748834Wmap
BushacrePillar Box (K Type)51.349364N 2.947255Wmap
ButcombePillar Box (A Type)51.351474N 2.698158Wmap
Cadbury Camp LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.451882N 2.768981Wmap
Cambridge BatchPillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.42419N 2.69028Wmap
Camp Lane EndPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.453612N 2.749032Wmap
Castle ClosePillar Box (B Type)51.42601N 2.759454Wmap
Castle HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.323675N 2.861943Wmap
Castle RoadPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.450822N 2.848381Wmap
Castlemead Old Post OfficePillar Box (K Type)51.372057N 2.913874Wmap
CaswellPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.467276N 2.748379Wmap
Cecil RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.355097N 2.96975Wmap
CharlcombePillar Box (B Type)51.471337N 2.811037Wmap
Charlton RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.332838N 2.976471Wmap
Chelswood AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.351675N 2.941673Wmap
ChelveyPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.411565N 2.768245Wmap
Chelvey Road EndPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.402748N 2.764747Wmap
Chestnut RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.432804N 2.656026Wmap
ChristonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.310864N 2.89258Wmap
Church LanePillar Box (B Type)51.411803N 2.729509Wmap
Church RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.38364N 2.822846Wmap
Church Road WorlePillar Box (Pier Box B Type)51.36072N 2.934073Wmap
Church TownPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.425761N 2.769994Wmap
Churchill AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.432248N 2.857588Wmap
Churchill Post OfficePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.335197N 2.8035Wmap
Churchill SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.335474N 2.803749Wmap
Clapton In GordanoPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.461398N 2.760432Wmap
ClaremontPillar Box (A Type)51.354086N 2.991717Wmap
ClaverhamPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.385508N 2.806496Wmap
Claverham PoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.39118N 2.793617Wmap
Claverham VillagePillar Box (B Type)51.39086N 2.796989Wmap
Cleeve Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.393443N 2.77392Wmap
Cleeve Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.386588N 2.786437Wmap
Clevedon Delivery OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.44035N 2.857539Wmap
Clevedon Mspo (Sixways)Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.441081N 2.857294Wmap
Clevedon Post Office Six WaysPillar Box (A Type)51.441028N 2.857163Wmap
Cliff RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.363127N 2.957882Wmap
Clifton RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.339814N 2.9811Wmap
Clovelly RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.360209N 2.917946Wmap
CoalbridgePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.36078N 2.924235Wmap
ColehousePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.42081N 2.874547Wmap
Coleridge ValePillar Box (B Type)51.434906N 2.856861Wmap
Congresbury Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.366088N 2.807145Wmap
Congresbury Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.366177N 2.807247Wmap
Coombe LodgePillar Box (Pier Box C Type)51.332471N 2.723722Wmap
Cornwallis AvenuePillar Box (Lamp Box Wall)51.369183N 2.92837Wmap
Coronation RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.30739N 2.946833Wmap
Corondale RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.352366N 2.937364Wmap
Cowslip GreenPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.354732N 2.738896Wmap
Cox WayPillar Box (B Type)51.43151N 2.843979Wmap
Coxs GreenPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.356781N 2.760115Wmap
CrabtreePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.396343N 2.639071Wmap
Crockerne DrivePillar Box (B Type)51.476953N 2.686471Wmap
Damson RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.349526N 2.93498Wmap
Dennyview RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.463216N 2.667117Wmap
Devonshire RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.334263N 2.971735Wmap
Dial Hill RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.441698N 2.854096Wmap
DolberrowPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.3294N 2.79635Wmap
Doubleton HousePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.360938N 2.886331Wmap
Down RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.474418N 2.805044Wmap
DownsidePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.389974N 2.721514Wmap
Drove RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.34052N 2.968681Wmap
Dundry (Old Post Office)Pillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.399651N 2.637666Wmap
Dundry LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.409756N 2.649655Wmap
Durbin Park RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.444998N 2.857813Wmap
Earlham GrovePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.348633N 2.957608Wmap
East ClevedonPillar Box (B Type)51.438782N 2.843236Wmap
East DundryPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.393819N 2.613335Wmap
East EndPillar Box (A Type)51.325456N 2.712043Wmap
East LangfordPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.340734N 2.760738Wmap
Eastern In GoranoPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.476408N 2.69951Wmap
Eastfield ParkPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.35414N 2.970189Wmap
EbdonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.378949N 2.915721Wmap
Ebdon Road Old Post OfficePillar Box (K Type)51.366623N 2.923347Wmap
Edgecombe AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.358213N 2.941635Wmap
Edward RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.447901N 2.845563Wmap
Ellenborough ParkPillar Box (B Type)51.341748N 2.977853Wmap
Ellick RoadPillar Box (A Type)51.318386N 2.725581Wmap
Engine LanePillar Box (B Type)51.424332N 2.779391Wmap
Failand HousePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.458749N 2.694661Wmap
Failand LawnPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.4406N 2.685809Wmap
Failand Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.443674N 2.696791Wmap
Failand SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.443592N 2.696934Wmap
FarleighPillar Box (B Type)51.419266N 2.725256Wmap
Felton CommonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.387307N 2.667848Wmap
Felton VillagePillar Box (Bantam Box N Type)51.388971N 2.684875Wmap
Flagstaff HillPillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.355164N 2.991884Wmap
Flat RoofsPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.316959N 2.968657Wmap
FossewayPillar Box (B Type)51.427711N 2.856956Wmap
Glen AvePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.459448N 2.668775Wmap
Glenwood RisePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.484338N 2.798234Wmap
Gordano Service AreaPillar Box (B Type)51.477486N 2.707231Wmap
Greenfield Cres Bs48 1HrPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.438083N 2.758605Wmap
Grove Park NorthPillar Box (B Type)51.35364N 2.978495Wmap
Grove Park SouthPillar Box (A Type)51.351313N 2.979306Wmap
HalliwellsPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.477355N 2.809373Wmap
Ham GreenPillar Box (A Type)51.477043N 2.6756Wmap
Harbour RoadPillar Box (K Type)51.485077N 2.758753Wmap
Haywood GardensPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.321317N 2.955961Wmap
Hazelbury RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.431461N 2.763357Wmap
HeathgatePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.376002N 2.851102Wmap
High StreetPillar Box (A Type)51.389457N 2.824317Wmap
High StreetPillar Box (A Type)51.434632N 2.754159Wmap
High StreetPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.327006N 2.873531Wmap
High Street Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.483556N 2.768637Wmap
HighfieldsPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.485297N 2.77728Wmap
HighridgePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.405259N 2.638348Wmap
Hill EndPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.329193N 2.897085Wmap
Hill RoadPillar Box (Penfold)51.439684N 2.852821Wmap
Hill RoadPillar Box (A Type)51.349542N 2.96732Wmap
Hillcrest RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.477259N 2.805094Wmap
HillsidePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.416013N 2.689279Wmap
Hillside RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.479793N 2.802734Wmap
Holland StreetPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.3508N 2.96087Wmap
HorsecastlePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.392841N 2.82777Wmap
Hutton MoorPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.339788N 2.943812Wmap
Hutton Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.324488N 2.933034Wmap
Hutton Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.324505N 2.933177Wmap
Hyatts Wood RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.391543N 2.71047Wmap
Ilex AvenuePillar Box (M Type)51.434396N 2.845327Wmap
Jesmond RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.436554N 2.857813Wmap
Kenn Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.418183N 2.844021Wmap
Kenn Road,Pillar Box (B Type)51.432615N 2.851653Wmap
Kenn StreetPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.417708N 2.832478Wmap
Kewstoke Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.368868N 2.962858Wmap
Kewstoke TollgatePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.363901N 2.961016Wmap
Kewstoke VillagePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.367533N 2.956825Wmap
Kings RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.445623N 2.852198Wmap
Kingshill Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.43225N 2.773312Wmap
Kingston SeymourPillar Box (A Type)51.398299N 2.860315Wmap
Kingston Seymour CsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.405539N 2.860222Wmap
KnightcottPillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.329332N 2.885963Wmap
Knightstone RoadPillar Box (A Type)51.352183N 2.987037Wmap
Langford Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.342596N 2.771696Wmap
Leigh Woods (Church Road)Pillar Box (B Type)51.452051N 2.63588Wmap
Leighview RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.49269N 2.763389Wmap
Links RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.321543N 2.985115Wmap
Little NailseaPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.425991N 2.759555Wmap
Locking Castle Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.347327N 2.940033Wmap
Locking Castle SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.347128N 2.940172Wmap
Locking Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.333354N 2.913733Wmap
Locking Road EastPillar Box (B Type)51.347718N 2.95285Wmap
Locking Road Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.345783N 2.962904Wmap
Locking SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.333281N 2.913804Wmap
Locking VillagePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.334802N 2.92173Wmap
LocksidePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.492423N 2.75745Wmap
LodwayPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.480136N 2.691056Wmap
Long Ashton Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.429178N 2.664332Wmap
Long Ashton Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.429053N 2.664143Wmap
Lower Bristol RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.35423N 2.974586Wmap
Lower ClaverhamPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.399823N 2.796067Wmap
Lower CleevePillar Box (B Type)51.387029N 2.7838Wmap
LoxtonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.294905N 2.899312Wmap
Loxton Old Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.297459N 2.899233Wmap
Lulsgate BottomPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.387735N 2.700681Wmap
Lye HolePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.35883N 2.717489Wmap
MaidenheadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.394235N 2.62645Wmap
Manor Park HuttonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.322752N 2.947638Wmap
Manor RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.354478N 2.964193Wmap
Marine ParadePillar Box (Penfold)51.343902N 2.980484Wmap
MartcombePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.468789N 2.680071Wmap
Martindale CourtPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.349515N 2.940882Wmap
Mead ValePillar Box (B Type)51.351863N 2.933979Wmap
Mead Vale Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.35384N 2.928447Wmap
Mead Vale SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.353803N 2.928633Wmap
Mendip RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.48161N 2.786708Wmap
MiddletownPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.442849N 2.793939Wmap
Midhaven RisePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.367741N 2.932148Wmap
MillcrossPillar Box (K Type)51.425291N 2.859601Wmap
Milton BrowPillar Box (B Type)51.357193N 2.94891Wmap
Milton Road EastPillar Box (B Type)51.355209N 2.939447Wmap
Milton Road SoPillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.353829N 2.945595Wmap
Milton Road SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.353874N 2.945581Wmap
MontpelierPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.351574N 2.970566Wmap
Moor LanePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.43143N 2.832598Wmap
Moorcroft RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.326883N 2.928145Wmap
MoorfieldsPillar Box (B Type)51.357113N 2.922796Wmap
Moorham RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.318735N 2.83121Wmap
Moorland Road Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.333832N 2.979163Wmap
Moorland Road SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.333922N 2.979208Wmap
Morrison SupermarketPillar Box (A Type)51.352581N 2.912508Wmap
Nailsea Bo Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.43241N 2.758453Wmap
Nailsea ChurchPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.425468N 2.769514Wmap
Nailsea Post OfficePillar Box (Posting Suite)51.432435N 2.758784Wmap
Neva RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.343709N 2.975526Wmap
New Bristol RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.359279N 2.91382Wmap
New Dock RoadPillar Box (K Type)51.482326N 2.758679Wmap
Nightingale RisePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.473154N 2.796526Wmap
Nightingale ValleyPillar Box (B Type)51.454366N 2.633436Wmap
Nore EndPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.483862N 2.792839Wmap
Nore RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.486895N 2.77493Wmap
North EndPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.400385N 2.844339Wmap
North StreetPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.428976N 2.778838Wmap
North WestonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.470979N 2.776272Wmap
NortonPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.366522N 2.942783Wmap
Old Mixon Industrial EstateBusiness Box (Business Box)51.327009N 2.95496Wmap
Old Park RoadPillar Box (A Type)51.441579N 2.84818Wmap
Old Pill Post Office Bs20 0AaPillar Box (B Type)51.480577N 2.686468Wmap
Old Redhill Post Office,Pillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.372356N 2.711494Wmap
Old StreetPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.437003N 2.849189Wmap
Old Worle PoPillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.36047N 2.925866Wmap
Oldmixon CrescentPillar Box (A Type)51.327008N 2.955046Wmap
Orchard AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.443433N 2.805936Wmap
Orchard ClosePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.363279N 2.757895Wmap
Palmers ElmPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.371883N 2.869488Wmap
Pembroke RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.475518N 2.807209Wmap
Phillips RoadPillar Box (K Type)51.341132N 2.958815Wmap
Phoenix WayPillar Box (A Type)51.488091N 2.752984Wmap
Pill Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.478913N 2.684902Wmap
Pine Tree RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.333927N 2.897724Wmap
Pizey AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.434694N 2.86608Wmap
Pontins CampPillar Box (B Type)51.374675N 2.959848Wmap
Portbury (Old Post Office )Pillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.474479N 2.72396Wmap
Portbury HundredPillar Box (M Type)51.478211N 2.753944Wmap
Portishead Delivery OfficePillar Box (Posting Suite)51.4826N 2.768967Wmap
Portishead MspoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.483503N 2.768492Wmap
Portishead Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.481623N 2.768561Wmap
Providence HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.431923N 2.663912Wmap
Public LibraryPillar Box (A Type)51.350298N 2.972679Wmap
Pudding Pie LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.34096N 2.787706Wmap
PurnPillar Box (K Type)51.307981N 2.959184Wmap
Puttingthorpe DrivePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.346487N 2.946133Wmap
PuxtonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.365316N 2.85517Wmap
Pye CornerPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.333223N 2.814447Wmap
Quantock RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.334884N 2.977003Wmap
Queens RoadPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.355837N 2.978067Wmap
Queensway Post OfficePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.362084N 2.911563Wmap
Queensway SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.362046N 2.911921Wmap
Railway StationPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.344449N 2.972066Wmap
Raleigh RisePillar Box (B Type)51.485115N 2.784363Wmap
Redcliffe Bay Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.47776N 2.801589Wmap
Redhill VillagePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.365144N 2.726078Wmap
Regent Street Post OfficePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.347195N 2.977093Wmap
Regent Street Post OfficePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.347177N 2.97705Wmap
RhodyatePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.376617N 2.800879Wmap
RickfordPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.331745N 2.740592Wmap
RidgehillPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.360087N 2.662911Wmap
RidgewayPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.429592N 2.770044Wmap
RiversidePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.331625N 2.864331Wmap
RolstonePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.355951N 2.876353Wmap
Roman RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.31417N 2.939008Wmap
Royal Portbury DockPillar Box (A Type)51.490497N 2.723523Wmap
Sand BayPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.376309N 2.961262Wmap
SandcroftPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.32318N 2.977557Wmap
Sandford HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.329749N 2.834108Wmap
Sandford Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.333148N 2.826447Wmap
Sandford RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.333149N 2.826332Wmap
Selworthy RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.334071N 2.959012Wmap
Severn AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.336989N 2.973688Wmap
Severn RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.481072N 2.778432Wmap
SheepwayPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.481042N 2.731467Wmap
Shrubbery AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.355495N 2.985615Wmap
SidcotPillar Box (B Type)51.312266N 2.824019Wmap
Silver StreetPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.433404N 2.765951Wmap
Slade RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.481555N 2.772103Wmap
Somerdale ClosePillar Box (B Type)51.352961N 2.948406Wmap
Somerton RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.429676N 2.847643Wmap
South RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.488993N 2.766381Wmap
South RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.355941N 2.981804Wmap
Southfield Road Trading EstPillar Box (K Type)51.437862N 2.752443Wmap
SouthlandsPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.374733N 2.804108Wmap
SouthsidePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.351816N 2.972869Wmap
Springhill DrivePillar Box (Lamp Box Wall)51.356636N 2.934306Wmap
St Georges (Old Post Office)Pillar Box (B Type)51.361266N 2.898762Wmap
St Johns VicaragePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.437105N 2.85496Wmap
St Marks RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.364486N 2.919598Wmap
St Michaels AvenuePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.429502N 2.853034Wmap
St Pauls ChurchPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.337822N 2.978401Wmap
Station RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.33284N 2.836935Wmap
Station RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.358762N 2.765218Wmap
Station RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.42266N 2.705575Wmap
Station Road, BackwellPillar Box (B Type)51.418592N 2.748084Wmap
Stock LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.353749N 2.786232Wmap
StockmeadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.340246N 2.781592Wmap
StonebridgePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.334707N 2.877899Wmap
Street EndPillar Box (A Type)51.32541N 2.719578Wmap
Strode RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.434327N 2.861023Wmap
Summer LanePillar Box (K Type)51.35837N 2.912782Wmap
Summer LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.331195N 2.888052Wmap
Sunnyside RoadPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.438385N 2.858294Wmap
Sunnyside RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.337484N 2.970382Wmap
Suspension Bridge (North Rd)Pillar Box (B Type)51.453181N 2.631362Wmap
Swiss RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.346367N 2.970685Wmap
Swiss ValleyPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.446185N 2.840322Wmap
Tennyson RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.329826N 2.962383Wmap
The AnchorPillar Box (B Type)51.475086N 2.679747Wmap
The BeachPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.488442N 2.776368Wmap
The BoulevardPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.349914N 2.976692Wmap
The Boulevard Post OfficePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.350109N 2.976997Wmap
The CampPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.490902N 2.71614Wmap
The CornfieldsPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.372546N 2.922605Wmap
The ElmsPillar Box (M Type)51.4359N 2.744296Wmap
The FriaryPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.443843N 2.859461Wmap
The GrangePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.47683N 2.76861Wmap
The GrovePillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.368921N 2.77793Wmap
The HeathPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.372135N 2.827223Wmap
The HedgesPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.3617N 2.903209Wmap
The LibararyPillar Box (A Type)51.485211N 2.768579Wmap
The LynchPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.311449N 2.839113Wmap
The PierPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.442636N 2.861093Wmap
The SquarePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.30701N 2.843666Wmap
The TrianglePillar Box (A Type)51.479723N 2.686426Wmap
The Triangle Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.436108N 2.852366Wmap
The VillagePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.436151N 2.645917Wmap
Tickenham BatchPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.442297N 2.770172Wmap
Tickenham HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.445371N 2.758078Wmap
Tickenham Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.44312N 2.789713Wmap
Totterdown LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.319224N 2.961213Wmap
Town HallPillar Box (A Type)51.346013N 2.976393Wmap
TrendlewoodPillar Box (K Type)51.429919N 2.745896Wmap
Triangle Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.436753N 2.851414Wmap
Tutton WayPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.426172N 2.850944Wmap
Tweed Road Industrial EstatePillar Box (K Type)51.428938N 2.863813Wmap
Underwood AvenuePillar Box (B Type)51.356652N 2.952361Wmap
Uphill Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.323711N 2.980755Wmap
Upper BlagdonPillar Box (A Type)51.323966N 2.721823Wmap
Upper Bristol RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.3554N 2.955868Wmap
Upper Church Road Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.353446N 2.98547Wmap
Upper LangfordPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.331737N 2.766991Wmap
Upper Village HuttonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.325504N 2.922777Wmap
Upper WorlePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.362113N 2.927379Wmap
Urchinwood LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.369865N 2.792629Wmap
Vale Mill WayPillar Box (K Type)51.349102N 2.921572Wmap
Valley RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.454622N 2.644178Wmap
Valley RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.471198N 2.801215Wmap
Veale Site BleadonPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.307518N 2.942Wmap
Victoria BuildingsPillar Box (B Type)51.351134N 2.98341Wmap
Victoria ParkPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.352986N 2.982459Wmap
Victoria RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.439921N 2.862135Wmap
Walton BayPillar Box (M Type)51.465385N 2.823788Wmap
Walton CliffPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.448513N 2.85539Wmap
Walton In Gordano Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.454425N 2.827347Wmap
Walton St MaryPillar Box (B Type)51.448739N 2.850386Wmap
Wansbrough RoadPillar Box (K Type)51.371099N 2.912274Wmap
West EndPillar Box (B Type)51.441493N 2.815888Wmap
West EndPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.417592N 2.794895Wmap
West End FarmPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.335282N 2.929277Wmap
West End SoPillar Box (B Type)51.432452N 2.870166Wmap
West End Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.432587N 2.870183Wmap
West HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.410211N 2.745373Wmap
West Hill Post OfficePillar Box (A Type)51.481396N 2.782513Wmap
West StreetPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.329053N 2.869178Wmap
West WickPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.353466N 2.906264Wmap
Weston In GordanoPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.464632N 2.798825Wmap
Weston RoadPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.467272N 2.784632Wmap
Weston Super Mare BoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.347149N 2.977207Wmap
Weston Super Mare DoPillar Box (A Type)51.34359N 2.957287Wmap
Wetlands LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.474384N 2.775423Wmap
Whistling DuckPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.329588N 2.875863Wmap
White BarnsPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.316186N 2.962111Wmap
Whitecross RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.339846N 2.976247Wmap
Wick St LawrencePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.384019N 2.912532Wmap
Willow ClosePillar Box (Lamp Box Wall)51.360221N 2.89551Wmap
Windwhistle Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.326278N 2.967231Wmap
Windwhistle Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.326441N 2.96712Wmap
Winford LanePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.38969N 2.663154Wmap
Winford ManorPillar Box (A Type)51.37551N 2.67542Wmap
Winford Post OfficePillar Box (M Type)51.382576N 2.661714Wmap
Winford Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.382612N 2.661643Wmap
Winscombe HillPillar Box (Wall Box C Type)51.302993N 2.839475Wmap
Winscombe Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.313577N 2.831977Wmap
Winscombe Spso Post Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.313523N 2.831919Wmap
WinthillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.320585N 2.871141Wmap
WolvershillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.339652N 2.886407Wmap
WoodboroughPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.314549N 2.834463Wmap
WoodhillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.49117N 2.768938Wmap
Woodland RoadPillar Box (B Type)51.331895N 2.979609Wmap
WoodsidePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.444473N 2.848392Wmap
Worle SpsoPillar Box (A Type)51.359697N 2.928206Wmap
Worle SpsoPost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.359697N 2.928178Wmap
Worlebury Old Post OfficePillar Box (B Type)51.362197N 2.952749Wmap
Worlebury ParkPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.359928N 2.956479Wmap
WraxallPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.441335N 2.729391Wmap
Wraxall ChurchPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.444122N 2.733824Wmap
Wraxall Saw MillPillar Box (B Type)51.437736N 2.748283Wmap
Wrington HillPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.374643N 2.758256Wmap
Wrington Post OfficePillar Box (Wall Box A Type)51.361926N 2.764122Wmap
Wrington Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.361979N 2.764151Wmap
WyckePillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.430414N 2.658883Wmap
YanleighPillar Box (B Type)51.432918N 2.650086Wmap
Yatton Post OfficePillar Box (C Type (Double Aperture))51.3867N 2.820027Wmap
Yatton Post OfficePost Office Network Outlet (P.O.)51.386698N 2.820257Wmap
Yatton StationPillar Box (Wall Box B Type)51.390972N 2.827635Wmap
Yatton VillagePillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.384764N 2.81525Wmap
Yeolands DrivePillar Box (B Type)51.428333N 2.8678Wmap
Yeomans OrchardPillar Box (Lamp Box Pier)51.365093N 2.762407Wmap
Data Sources
This page uses information derived from Open Street Map ©Open Street Map Contributors and various on-line FOI requests found on-line (includinding the Whittaker dataset.) The box positions are sometimes inaccurate and the locations/existance of some boxes may have changed. This page sometimes uses the ONS Postcode Directory to convert postcode data into approximate GPS coordinates. This was published by the Office for National Statistics under Open Government Licence and it is available for download via data.gov.uk