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Adding Events, Businesses, Links and other Information
All "non-spam" emails to this address  my email address as a scroller to minimise Spam problems   are read by a real person. This means that you can add your details without any complicated on-line forms. Standard listings are usually free, (even for business related entries,) but I reserve the right to reject or edit anything without offering any explanation. (Some entries are too long, contain inappropriate material or do not relate to Milford Haven/Pembrokeshire!)
You are welcome to submit multiple entries in the same email and I will often accept your standard publicity leaflets as an attachment. (.gif, WORD, EXCEL .jpg, .PDF, .png, .txt are all welcome.) The main restrictions are:-
Add Your Event Details
Simply email me with the details. The minimum information is Event Name, Date and Location. If you organise lots of events, you are welcome to attach publicity material listing all your activities, rather than retyping everything. This checklist indicates some of the event details that could be included in your entry
Add Your Milford or Pembrokeshire Business to the Directory
Simply email me with the name and location of your Milford Haven or Pembrokeshire branch(es). Unfortunately, this service is currently restricted to Milford Haven (Havens Head, Town Centre, Steynton, Hakin, Hubberston) and Pembrokeshire. The location can be in any format, often the name of a street is adequate but an approximate house number is useful on long roads. You may wish to add some of the following details but keep it short.
Simply email me with any of the following information and confirm your vehicle(s) are licensed for passenger journeys in Pembrokeshire. (Airport Run, Private Hire and Hackney Carriage entries welcome.)
Festival Dates
I am happy to consider requests to include festival dates for any "mainstream" religion/culture but I must be able to accurately predict these dates. If you can supply a formula to calculate the precise date of future festivals (in the standard {Gregorian} calendar,) (even if it is complex formula,) I will consider including it.