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Guide to the Milford Haven Maps
Using the Maps
Maps can be scrolled horizontally, vertically or diagonally by clicking on arrows near edge of sheet.
An approximate GPS location (latitude/longitude) can be found by placing the mouse pointer on the map. The position is displayed at the top right of the map. If the position disappears, ensure cursor is on the map and not close to an arrow.
In order to search for streets, postocodes or points of interest, you must first select the correct map using the link button on left hand side of the screen.
Click on the desired location in the list above the link buttons and the map will find the place. The spot will be identified by a red circular marker.
There is search box directly above the list. If you start typing in this box, the page will filter the list of locations, removing any entries that do not include evertyhing you typed. For best results, avoid entering punctuation marks (" ' , . ! - etc.) when searching.
Key to Milford Haven Map Symbols
key to map symbols
How to Update the Maps
To minimise the risk of inappropriate changes, map modifications including street & business locations can only be made by DigitalDan.
However, I do not charge and there are no complicated forms. Simply email me with the details (e.g. new Business Name / location) and I will normally update fairly quickly. Please note, unlike many commercial ventures, I do not collect, retain or misuse personal information.
© Copyright
The mapping data and associated location lists make extensive use of open data information. The originators will have retained copyright but have generously allowed use by third parties (special conditions sometimes apply.)
The primary data source was OpenStreetMap ©OpenStreetMap contributors. Other material includes Points of interest derived from the OpenStreetMap data points, Approved Premises(for Weddings) published as OGL by HM Passport Office, Active Vehicle Testing Stations published as OGL by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, UK Food Hygiene Data published as OGL by Food Standards Agency, local knowledge and reader contribututions. Postcode to location conversions use UK Postcodes dataset published as OGL by Dept. for Communities and Local Government which contains information from Ordnance Survey.
The maps make extensicve use of OpenData, hence, these derivative works have been released as OpenData (subject to any restrictions/acknowledgements requested by the various copyright holders.)