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UK Electrical Supply
The electrical supply in Pembrokeshire is 240V A.C. at 50 Hz, this is the same for most private premises in the United Kingdom. (Some industries, building sites and specialist premises may have different power supplies!)
Domestic appliances usually use the Western European wiring colour code of Brown=Live, Blue=Neutral, Green&Yellow=Earth. New appliances normally come with the plug attached. The maximum safe load on most wall sockets should be 13 Amp but it is prudent not to test the limits of old wiring.
Many Western European countries use mains power supplies that may be compatible with the UK system but an "adapter" will probaly be needed to make your plug fit into our sockets. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every country. Many places, (especially those with links to the American continent,) use a different (110V A.C. 60 Hz) mains supply. Trying to plug your 110V device into one of our sockets could risk electricution, burn out your gadget and damage the house wiring!
uk plug uk socket
Here are some handy tips for visitors who know their devices are compatible with the UK supply...