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The Time in Pembrokeshire is
09 : 07 : 14
( 09 : 07 am )

The Date in Pembrokeshire is
Saturday 26th September, 2020
( 26 / 09 / 2020 )

Pembrokeshire is part of the United Kingdom, hence, our clocks always show the sime time as England and Wales
During the winter months, (last Sunday in October until last Sunday in March,) we use Greenwich Mean Time.
Throughout the Summer, (March to October,) the clocks are set to British Summer Time (1 hour ahead of GMT.) Clocks change at 02:00 local time.
Pembrokeshire uses the "Gregorian Calendar," this is also used in most other European and American countries. The date for Easter and it's assciated festivals is determined by the formulas used in western Christian calculations.
In Pembrokeshire, dates are often written in the dd/mm/yyyy format. (Notice that days come first.) This can cause confusion because some countries put the month first i.e. mm/dd/yyyy.